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Finding your suitable readers for water cooling collant bottle is not easy. You may need consider between hundred or thousand products from many store. In this article, we make a short list of the best readers for water cooling collant bottle including detail information and customer reviews. Let’s find out which is your favorite one.

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1. ACM Economy Wash Bottle, LDPE, Squeeze Bottle Medical Label Tattoo (500ml / 16oz / 1 Bottle)

ACM Economy Wash Bottle, LDPE, Squeeze Bottle Medical Label Tattoo (500ml / 16oz / 1 Bottle)



Size:500ml / 16oz / 1 Bottle

This wash bottle is used to wash labware and to store washing solutions, such as acetone or deionized water. The LDPE (low-density polyethylene) body is lightweight, flexible, and elastic, has an opaque hue, and resists impact, stress cracks, and moisture absorption. Its Boston round shape is used for applications that require a rounded body, short neck, and narrow mouth to store liquid samples, solvents, and chemicals, and dry materials. The screw closure has its stem and draw tube molded in one piece for leak-proof applications, and its angled dispensing nozzle directs the stream of liquid. The spout can be cut back to increase the flow of washing solution. This bottle is suitable for storing and transporting labware washing solutions. Lab bottles are used to store, hold, and mix liquids, powders, and other substances in a wide variety of scientific industries. Lab bottles have a more pronounced neck and shoulder than jars. Lab bottles are manufactured with a combination of characteristics in order to meet the demands of particular applications, such as for solution dispensing, mixing, and weighing, and use in centrifuge operations. They come in many shapes for specific applications, with a variety of mouth or nozzle shapes and sizes for specific use. Lab bottles are made from materials, such as glass (borosilicate or soda-lime) and an array of plastics, which are selected for chemical and thermal expansion resistance, transparency, and their adaptability in a variety of applications. Lab bottle interiors, caps, and lids are often lined with a protective material. Caps and lids help seal bottles to prevent solutions from spilling. The capacity refers to the fluid amount held by a lab bottle, and is commonly measured in milliliters (mL) and liters (l), and sometimes in ounces (oz). Lab bottles are suitable for use in chemistry and biology applications, as well as in pharmaceutical and scientific testing.

2. EKWB Filling Bottle, 1000mL

EKWB Filling Bottle, 1000mL



A handy 1L filling bottle designed to make your loop filling process much easier. Very convenient for mixing the EK-CryoFuel concentrates with distilled water. The telescopic tube of the filling bottle can reach even the most remote and crammed fill ports. The squeeze bottle can also be used to suck the coolant out of your reservoir making system draining an easy task as well. Just squeeze the bottle, insert the tube into the coolant and let the vacuum take care of the rest.

Model: 3831109869796

3. Red Line 80204 Water Wetter – 12 oz.

Red Line 80204 Water Wetter - 12 oz.


4. PrimoChill Liquid Filling Bottle – 500mL

PrimoChill Liquid Filling Bottle - 500mL



The PrimoChill Liquid Filling Bottle is a great tool for adding and removing fluid from your system. Filling the bottle with your desired coolant and then squeezing the bottle will allow you to control the amount of added coolant easily. This is a perfect technique for topping your system off. You can also remove the internal straw to use this for removing fluid. Squeezing the bottle will remove some air and act as a vacuum. This can be especially handy when trying to remove fluid pools from tight spaces.


  • Volume:500mL
  • Included Parts

  • 1x 500mL Bottle
  • 1x Bottle Cap with Fixed Bent Straw
  • 1x Internal Straw – Removable

  • Warnings:PrimoChill is not responsible for any hardware damage. Use at your own risk.

    5. PrimoChill System Reboot – Cooling Loop Treatment

    PrimoChill System Reboot - Cooling Loop Treatment



    Primochill System Reboot was created to address the need to prepare/clean existing cooling loops AND be able to clean out old dyes that may have leached onto components during previous usage. Similar to Sysprep this flush style solution will cleanse out any debris/residue leaving your water cooling loop clean, clear, pristine and ready for any type of coolant. The beauty of ReBoot is it’s ability to pull color from stained components.


  • Bottle Size: 15ml
  • Dosage: Mix with 1 Gallon of DI or distilled water
  • Shelf Life: 2 Years, Unopened
  • Compatibility: ReBoot is compatible with rigid and flexible tubing of all sizes.  It is safe to use on rubber, plastics and acrylics

    Included Parts: 1x 15ml Bottle of ReBoot (makes 1 gallon of coolant)

    1.Double-check connections to ensure loop is “closed”. No Leaks!
    2.Empty bottle of ReBoot into 1 US Gallon of fresh DI or Distilled water, shake for 30 seconds
    3.Fill loop with treated solution and be sure to remove as many air bubbles as possible.
    4.Start pump and begin circulating the treated solution.
    5.Run solution for at least 24 to 48 hours to ensure loop is properly flushed and treated. ReBoot is not an effective final coolant and should be replaced with coolant before any extended use of computer.
    6.Drain System. Inspect drained solution for debris or foreign particles. Repeat flush if needed.
    7.Fill system with fresh DI or distilled water and flush thoroughly to remove ReBoot solution checking for foam.
    8.Drain system.**.
    9.Fill loop with your choice of coolant and begin water-cooling.
    ** Reboot needs to be flushed from the system until no foam is seen and water runs clear


  • Do not mix with any pre-mixed coolants.
  • PrimoChill is not responsible for any hardware damage. Use at your own risk.
  • 6. PrimoChill Rad Clean – Radiator Cleaning Treatment KIT

    PrimoChill Rad Clean - Radiator Cleaning Treatment KIT



    The PrimoChill Rad Clean – Radiator Cleaning Treatment is a solution for cleaning radiators outside of a loop. By using this cleaner you can “”scrub”” the inside of your rad without fear of damaging other components, seals or acrylic! This solution is easy to mix, easy to use, and gets you ready to go!

  • Bottle Size: 2oz
  • Included:2oz Rad Clean, 2 plastic fittings w/ orings, 1 threaded funnel
  • Dosage: Mix 1/2 bottle with 32oz of DI or distilled water
  • Compatibility
    Rad Clean is compatible with the internal metals found in radiators only! Using Rad Clean on nickel items is NOT compatible!
    For this pre-treatment to work correctly follow the instructions below. 
    Step 1: Dilute one half bottle of RadClean into 32oz of distilled/Ro/Di water.
    Step 2: Fill radiator up with Radclean mixture
    Step 3:Close both ports with plastic fillports. Ensure they’re plastic. Shake radiator.
    Step 4:Let your radiator sit for one hour.
    Step 5:Drain radiator and flush radiator extensively with distilled/ro/di water
    Step 6:Drain radiator and let dry completely.
    Important to use plastic fittings when cleaning radiators while using Rad Clean! PrimoChill is not responsible for any hardware damage. Use at your own risk.

    7. EKWB EK-CryoFuel Solid Premix Coolant, 1000mL, Neon Green

    EKWB EK-CryoFuel Solid Premix Coolant, 1000mL, Neon Green



    Color:Neon Green

    EK-CryoFuel Solid non-transparent coolants are all based on a new patent-pending formula with vivid, long-lasting color stability. The coolant contains everything a high-end liquid cooling system requires for efficient thermal performance and providing the necessary protection for your water blocks. It carries the essential synergistic corrosion inhibitors and biological inhibitors – thus promoting long and safe operational life for your liquid cooling products and high thermal efficiency.

    With countless hours of in-house and third-party real-life scenario testing, EK-CryoFuel Solid is the most chemically stable coolant that provides enthusiasts with the best possible level of performance and thermal efficiency with emphasis on color stability. The key feature of the new coolant formula is that it is not sedimenting after long hours of inactivity of the cooling loop. Designed specifically for computer liquid cooling systems, the EK-CryoFuel offers a 1-year shelf life from date of bottling.

    • contains corrosion and scale inhibitors
    • contains biological growth inhibitors
    • good heat transfer characteristics
    • color pigments don’t leave residue
    • high specific heat
    • chemically stable
    • low viscosity
    • non-toxic

    EK-CryoFuel contains synergistic corrosion inhibitors to protect metals commonly found in computer liquid cooling systems. It has been tested in accordance with BS5117 (ASTM D1384) and found to meet corrosion standards for copper, brass, aluminum and stainless steel. This coolant also contains scale and biological inhibitors to help prevent fouling – thus promoting long operational life and high thermal efficiency, providing best value/performance ratio.

    Does not contain ethylene glycol or a bittering agent.

    Model: 3831109880364

    8. Eisco Labs 1000ml Polyethylene Wash Bottle with delivery Tube, Screw Cap, and Tube Cap, LDPE

    Eisco Labs 1000ml Polyethylene Wash Bottle with delivery Tube, Screw Cap, and Tube Cap, LDPE



    Made of a translucent & unbreakable polyethylene. Cap is fitted with a flexible polythylene delivery tube which can be aimed accurately for focused and thorough cleaning.

    9. 1000ml Wash Bottle, Narrow Mouth, LDPE, Karter Scientific 230R4 (Single)

    1000ml Wash Bottle, Narrow Mouth, LDPE, Karter Scientific 230R4 (Single)




    Karter Scientific Wash Bottles are manufactured from LDPE material. Featuring a narrow mouth and a closure and stem molded in one piece.


    By our suggestions above, we hope that you can found Water Cooling Collant Bottle for you.Please don’t forget to share your experience by comment in this post. Thank you!

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